Marcela Reales Visbal
Ph.D. Candidate, Hispanic Studies

Contact Information

Curriculum Vitae:

Marcela, from Barranquilla, Colombia, received a B.S. in Art Marketing from the University of North Georgia in 2010, and a M.A. in Latin American Literature from the University of Georgia in 2013. Her research interests include: 20th & 21st Century Latin American literature and culture // Colombian literature and culture // Literatures of the Environment // Latin@ Studies. Her current dissertation research focuses on commodity frontiers in the Amazon region of Colombia, Perú, and Brazil. She is also interested in Community Engagement and Service Learning, as well as Spanish language education abroad.

Advisor: Dr. Mark Anderson

Research Interests:

Colombian literature and Culture, 20th & 21st Century Latin American Literature and Culture, Literatures of the environment, Latin@ Studies