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Ryan Platz
PhD student, Romance languages (Hispanic linguistics)

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Gilbert 301
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MW 12-1pm, F 2:25-3:@5pm
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Romance Languages

I was born in San Francisco, and because my dad was in the Coast Guard, I moved to Puerto Rico, then Texas, and Washington. After that, my schooling & career have brought me to Arizona, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, and finally, to beautiful Athens, Georgia! However, wherever I go, I associate myself with the Pacific Northwest, as both sides of my family are from Spokane, WA and I lived there for the longest period of time. In school, I was always interested & dedicated in math, but when I began college, I enjoyed Spanish, grammar & cultural courses the most. Since that time, I've studied a few foreign languages and have always been intrigued by the subtle differences that make each one unique. These interests have led to me to pursue the PhD in Romance languages here at UGA. Feel free to contact me, or tweet me / check out the twitter account I have for my students: @ProfePlatz

Hobbies: Travel, exploring new places, hiking, taking pictures, snowboarding, meeting new people, reading things that catch me off guard... and enjoying a healthy life!

M.A. Hispanic linguistics (Penn State)

M.A. Spanish sociolinguistics (Arizona State)

B.A. Spanish, Minors: Mathematics, Linguistics (Eastern Washington)

Research Interests:

Acoustic phonetics, Intonation, Prosody-pragmatics interface, Pragmatic variation, Romance languages, Variation & change, Language mixing & Polylingualism