The RLCS is now organized by the Romance Languages Graduate Student Organization, and has been subsumed under the Romance Languages Colloquium.

Standard format is 20 minutes for presentations plus 10 minutes for questions and comments. Stay tuned for presentation announcements!

Past presentations (2014):

January 31 - Emily Warden (University of Georgia), "Determining determiners in Spanish"

February 13 - Philip Limerick (University of Georgia), "Spanish Subject Expression in Roswell, Georgia: dialect formation in an emerging bilingual community"

February 24 - Dr. Nuria Sagarra (Rutgers University)*

March 21 - Dr. Mary McMains (Austin Eye Gym)*

April 10 - Dr. Ana Maria Carvalho (University of Arizona)**

April 24 - Indigenous Languages Colloquium*** - Dr. Bruno Estigarribia (UNC-CHapel Hill), Elizabeth Herring (Indiana University), Kerry Steinberg (UGA)

August 28 - Dr. Peggy Renwick (UGA), "Phonological closeness between phonetically distinct vowel phonemes”

September 12 - Sara Zahler (Indiana University), “Applying the variationist methodology to L2 phonology: the Spanish trill /r/”

October 23 - Dr. Raúl Ávila (El Colegio de México), "Is there a neutral or international version of Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation?"

October 30 - James Fenton Gardner (UGA), "The role of partitivity, specificity and Set theory in CLLD Quantified Expressions"

* - sponsored by grant funds awarded to the Experimental Research in Linguistics Initiative by the UGA Center for Teaching and Learning

** - sponsored by the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts and The University of Georgia Foundation

*** - sponsored by LACSI and the Indigenous Languages Initiative