Graduate Practicum in Study Abroad
Credit Hours:
3 hours

Mentoring and tutoring of undergraduate students participating in study abroad programs sponsored by the Department of Romance Languages. Graduate students work directly with the students abroad in order to ease their transition, and tutor them in an assigned subject. Written final report required. Course does not count towards the program of study. Practicum will be monitored by the Director of the study abroad program who will serve as the instructor of record, but there will be no traditional classroom activities or course assignments, such as exams, and quizzes. Specifically, students will be evaluated as follows: 1) Weekly meetings with and evaluation by the Director of the program. 2) On site supervision by the Director to include: graduate students' performance in their direct supervision of undergraduates and tutoring sessions; approval of extracurricular activities proposed and planned by the graduate students; supervision of daily interactions with the undergraduate students. 3) A final written review of the program will be submitted by each graduate student to the Director.