The Research Skills Foreign Language Exam is offered to graduate students the fourth week of every semester. You may register at any time, but keep in mind that registration closes for a given exam date approximately one week prior to that date. Contact the Administrative Specialist of Romance Languages for deadlines to register and the exact dates of exams. There is an exam fee of $25, check only, to be paid at the time of registration. Cash is not accepted for the exam fee.

The exam is administered by the Graduate Coordinator in Romance Languages. You may bring one dictionary (not an internet dictionary) for use during the exam. The examination period is two hours. Students are given three passages of 500-600 words to choose from, one each from a text in the humanities, the social sciences, and the physical sciences. Students choose a passage and translate that passage into English.

Exams are graded pass/fail on the basis of demonstrated ability in the language equivalent to, or better than, that achieved by a student at earning a B or better in a 2002 fourth semester language course, or 2500-level graduate reading knowledge course. Students will be informed by letter of their grades, with a copy to their departments, approximately two weeks after the examination.


Amy Duran
Administrative Specialist I

Prof. Rachel Gabara
Graduate Coordinator