Medellín, Colombia, International Poetry Festival
Senior Academic Professional
Spanish Study Abroad Advisor

Dr. Khédija Gadhoum specializes in Contemporary Latin American Literature and Culture.  She is a Senior Academic Professional, and Spanish Study Abroad Advisor.  She is a poet and translator.

She is recipient of the Franklin College Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award (UGA, 2019).

For Spanish Study Abroad Advising, please contact Dr. Khédija Gadhoum by e-mail (, to make an appointment. ¡Gracias!


Research Interests:

Contemporary Latin American Literature and Culture

Latin American Film                                                                                            

International Education                                                                                           

Creative Writing/Poetry, and Translation



- SPAN 2001: Intermediate Spanish I

- SPAN 3010: Spanish Conversation and Composition

- SPAN 3020: Advanced Conversation and Composition

- SPAN 3030: Introduction to Hispanic Literature

- SPAN 3040: Introduction to Analysis of Hispanic Cultures

- SPAN 4070: Spanish-American Literature and Culture from Modernism Through the Present

- SPAN 4080: Studies in Hispanic Literature and Culture ("Ellas también cuentan")

- SPAN 4080: Studies in Central American Literature in Costa Rica (Literatura Centroamericana Femenina)

- SPAN 4082: Latin American Film