Gilbert Hall 112

We are happy to invite you to our new workshop How to Be an Effective Writer and Stay Sane. Dr. Magdalena Matuskova, PhD from UCLA, and certified yoga kundalini instructor, has graciously agreed to share her knowledge and experience and give this workshop. The main goal is to teach us self-care techniques and effective writing techniques.

This workshop will take place Friday, February 7th, from 4.00 to 6.30 at Gilbert 112.

During this session, she will lead us in yoga kundalini, meditation, breathing and relaxation exercises to improve focus and creativity. After which, she will give us writing recommendations, some sample writing exercises and tips on how to make writing a dissertation more productive and enjoyable.

All those who are interested in coming, please bring a yoga mat or blanket, another blanket or towel to cover yourself for relaxation and a pillow if possible.