Students interested in the Double Dawgs program should arrange a meeting with their Romance Languages undergraduate advisor and the graduate coordinator to discuss which classes they will need to take in order to complete their program of study within the desired timeframe. Once they have completed this step, they should apply for admission into the Double Dawgs program one semester prior to registering for graduate courses. The general requirements for applying formally to the program are:

  • Have taken approximately 100 credit hours toward your undergraduate degree
  • An overall undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0
  • Have taken at least two 4000 level classes in your language(s) of interest

Additionally, study abroad or other international experience is highly recommended, although not required.

The application process involves applying online through Athena (please click on this link for instructions), completing the following basic informational form (please click on this link and save and/or print the completed form) and submitting it as well as the following materials electronically, by mail, or in person to the Romance Languages graduate assistant, Ms. Amy Duran:

  • A statement of purpose describing your academic interests and reasons for wanting to earn the Master's in Romance Languages
  • A curriculum vitae detailing any experiences that would prepare you for graduate study in Romance Languages, including any extracurricular activities (living or study abroad, volunteer work, coursework outside UGA, etc.)
  • Two letters of recommendation, including at least one from a faculty member in the Department of Romance Languages
  • A 7-10 page academic writing sample in the language of study
  • Unofficial transcripts of your undergraduate studies up until now

In addition, applicants will have a brief admissions interview with ROML faculty in their proposed language of study. 

This application must be approved before you will be allowed to register for graduate-level classes.

Additionally, in the semester in which you will graduate with your Bachelor's degree, you will need to apply for formal admission into the graduate program, as per the instructions listed here. Most of the materials from the Double Dawgs program application may be repurposed for the graduate program application; however, students may wish to submit an updated writing sample and/or letters of recommendation.

Please contact Mark Anderson, the Romance Languages graduate coordinator, with any questions you may have about this program or the admissions process.