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Instructions for Creating a Travel Authorization in the OneSource/PeopleSoft System

Important Step for First-time Users:  The first thing you'll need to do is to log into the site, and click the UGA Financial Management System tab, then the T&E Profile and Delegation tile.  You need to create a profile for yourself, since this is your first TA in the system.  (You only have to do this once.)  Then you'll also want to set Sharon Yen up as your delegate for expense statements only.  Once you've done these tasks, you can click the "home" button at the top of the page, and then go to the Travel Authorizations tile. 

For Returning Users:  Go to and click the Travel Authorizations tile from your home page. You’ll need some important accounting info to complete the online form.  When completing the top portion, choose “Internal” for the  billing type.  When searching the menu for your location of travel, you must enter the state or country first, before finding the city.

Next, in the accounting section of the TA:  Note that you must enter the accounting info *before* you enter your estimated expenses -- it won't work the other way around. Here is the info you'll enter into each field:

Bud Ref:  2019 (This will always be the fiscal year from which the funds are paid.)

Fund Code:  10500 (This indicates the type of funds allocated for travel.  In this case, Tuition.)

Program Code:  12400 (This indicates how the funds are being used.  In this case, Departmental Research.)

Class Code:  11800 (Will have to match the Fund Code -- also Tuition.)

Account Code:  792100 (This is a generic travel account code for TA's.  You'll use more specific account codes when you submit your expenses.  This number refers to the different types of expenditures, such as transportation, hotel, per diems, etc.)

Department Code:  19490XXX (Please contact your Business Manager for this number.  It is unique to you and you will use it anytime you request a reimbursement of any type.)

The other remaining fields (PC Bus Unit, Project, Activity, and ChartString1) may be left blank.

Once the accounting info is filled out, then enter the estimated expenses.  They can all be lumped together in one line, if you are paying them yourself.  (Any expenses direct-billed to UGA are lumped together in a separate line, but you should only need a max of two lines.)  You cannot submit a TA with a zero dollar amount, so for no-cost travel, enter $0.01.

One last detail for international travelers:  You must have already submitted your request for international travel to the OIE before you submit your TA.  This new system routes international TA’s to the OIE for approval, and they will reject your TA if they don’t already have approval on file for your trip.

There is no paper version for you to print or sign.  You may track the progress of your approvals on the same page, where you will see a list of all your TAs in one place.  As always, please contact departmental staff with questions! 

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