Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
School/College: Arts and Sciences
Department: Romance Languages
Program of Study or Area of Emphasis: Italian
Total Hours Required for this Degree: 39

For the Ph.D. in Romance Languages with an area of emphasis in Italian, a minimum of 12 graduate courses, preliminary written and oral examinations, a dissertation, and an oral dissertation defense are required. Students will take 8 or 9 of the 12 courses required for the Ph.D. in Italian literature, language, and culture, and 3 or 4 courses in the minor field of study. The minor must be a well-defined set of courses either within the department or outside the department, some of which may already have been taken as part of the M.A. degree at the University of Georgia. The hours of credit of ROML 8000 which may be taken at the Ph.D. level are limited to 6. See the Graduate Handbook for additional information on this program.


Course Number Title Credits
ROML 9300 Doctoral Dissertation 3 hours


Select from among graduate courses in Literature and Culture (ITAL prefix), Romance Languages (ROML prefix), or other courses as approved by the Doctoral Advisory Committee.