Practicum in Service Learning
Credit Hours:
3 hours

Practical use of the Spanish language through community involvement. Students will work directly with the Spanish-speaking population in the Athens area in planned and systematic activities coordinated between the Department of Romance Languages and a variety of community organizations.

Students enroll in the credit hours they need (one, two or three). For every credit hour, they are required to do 15 hours of service in the community plus the regular course assignments. Only three hours of credit taken during the same semester will count for the Spanish minor or major (the course can only be counted toward the major or minor if the three hours are all taken at once during the same semester). Course includes a service-learning project during the semester that either employs skills or knowledge learned in the course or teaches new skills or knowledge related to course objectives. Students will work on a comprehensive project(s) and may be required to spend considerable time outside the classroom. Students will be engaged in the service-learning component for approximately 75-100% of overall instructional time.